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Acqua Filette
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 Acqua Filette Glass 375 ml - Sparkling
Price shown is per box. Each box contains 24 bottles.   ..
 Acqua Filette Glass 750 ml - Still
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Acqua Filette Glass 375 ml - Still
Price shown is per box. Each box contains 24 bottles.   ..
Acqua Filette Glass 750 ml - Sparkling
Price shown is per box. Each box contains 12 bottles. ..
Acqua Filette Plastic 500 ml - Still
Price shown is per box. Each box contains 12 bottles.   ..

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Guarcino, Region of Lazio
Water Source: Spring
Bottle Type: Glass & Plastic
Bottle Capacity: 375 ml, 1 Litre, 500 ml PET

Acqua Filette, one of the purest oligo-mineral waters in Italy, gushes crystal-clear from its spring at Guarcino, 900 meters above sea level, against the green and pristine backdrop of the Appennine Mountains in the Region of Lazio. The town of Guarcino rises not far from Fiuggi and Alatri and is overlooked by Mount Campocatino, a very well-known ski resort.
The Town center has mediaeval origins and in the past it was occupied by the Ernici population. The presence of a roman settlement in the area is testified from some aqueduct ruins, a lido settlement, inscriptions, low reliefs and some temple foundations. Since this period and for the entire mediaeval period, the water abundance of the area was distributed to all of the neighboring towns. The exploitation of the waterways has allowed throughout the centuries some economic initiatives: a paper mill, watermills, hydroelectric plants as well as the bottling of the water itself.
Guarcino occupies a spur along the “Sublacense”, the road that links the homonymous internal area and the Arcinazzo plateaux with the heart of the Ciociarian Valley.
Balanced with regards to the synthesis of its microelements and minimalist in its design, Acqua Filette offers a multisensory pleasure.
The precious content is enhanced by the soft and luxurious elegance of a classic Bordeaux wine bottle, coupled with a glazed paper label which is distinguished by Filette’s initial F in silver relief. Its aesthetic sense merges with the excellence of Acqua Filette’s taste whose natural place is on the elegant and luxurious tables of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels throughout the world.
Acqua Filette’s special organoleptic properties were described as far back as 1899. In that year Dr Vittorio Davoli carried out the initial scientific research which confirmed the water’s particular features, among them its extreme lightness and very pleasant taste.  Dr Davoli concluded his finding stating: «Filette water, due to its modest mineral content, its exceptional lightness and its insuperable purity, is far and away preferable to the more renowned table waters».
These properties were confirmed by recent analyses made at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome by the Department of Sciences and Public Health on 3 May 2007. The analyses certified a fixed residue at 180°C of 209.0 mg/litre (among the lowest of all normal spring mineral waters, and a very low presence of nitrates at 0.6 mg/litre). In addition, a very low sodium content at just 3.12 mg/l, makes the water particularly suitable for low-sodium diets. All of the above values demonstrate Acqua Filette’s natural purity.
The almost total absence of nitrates and low sodium content make Acqua Filette a table water which is particularly light and delicate.

Waterbar Analysis

Virginality:         Superior
Minerality         Low
Orientation:       Hint of Sweet

209 TDS
7.3 ph factor
86.8 Calcium
2.1 Chloride
244 Bicarbonate
2.15 Magnesium
0.6 Nitrate
0.12 Potassium
2.1 Chloride
3.12 Sodium
4.3 Sulphates

milligrams per liter (mg/l)