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Voda 1L Glass - Sparkling
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Voda 1L Glass - Still
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Voda 350ml Glass - Sparkling
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Voda 350ml Glass - Still
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Voda Collagen Beauty 350 ml Glass
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Voda Collagen Beauty 350 ml Glass (PACK OF 7 BOTTLES)
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Voda Collagen Energy 350 ml Glass
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Voda Collagen Sport 350 ml Glass
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Water flows through every moment of our lives. It relieves thirst, cleanses and refreshes the body, gives our skin a healthy glow, stimulates our senses and intensifies the taste of food. The qualities of Voda Naturalna make it a choice for true connoisseurs, who value high quality in every detail.

Voda Naturalna origins from the purest sources of the Poprad Landscape Park and is best known for its great taste and an ideal composition of mineral elements, which are crucial for the proper functioning of our bodies. Captured in elegant, clear glass it preserves its original, natural taste and crystalline purity. It is a perfect match for food and wine, and an essential element of a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Voda Naturalna is simplicity and sophistication derived from nature itself.



The heart of Voda Naturalna beats in the rocky grounds of the green Poprad Valley. The Poprad Landscape Park, and Muszyna, which lies in the centre of this ecologically unique region are widely recognized in Poland and around the world for its exceptionally valuable and naturally clear water sources. This is where Voda Naturalna originates from.

Drawn from 85 meters below the ground, Voda Naturalna owes its unique qualities to the prehistoric geological structure in the area. Its precious value derives from the complete isolation of the source from external industrial and agricultural influence and an extremely low level of nitrate which ensures Voda Naturalna the highest rating of virginality.

Thanks to the ideally balanced amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium, Voda Naturalna has exceptional purifying qualities and nutritive values, which allow your body to stay in good condition, and to provide you with a feeling of inner harmony. With a pH of 7.5, Voda Naturalna has a slightly sweet, delicate and refreshing taste, that distinguishes it from other bottled waters.

Naturally healthy and crystal clear, Voda Naturalna is a touch of luxury in its purest form.



Voda Naturalna is an ideal composition of natural elements and is classified as spring water, appropriate for daily consumption, compatible with a low-sodium diet and suitable for infants and young children.

Mineral composition:

Cations - mg/l

magnesium Mg - 24,91
calcium Ca - 43,09
sodium Na - 11,43
potassium K - 1,60

Anions - mg/l

bicarbonate HCO3 - 243,09    
sulphate SO4 - 30,86
chloride CL - 5,30


Total dissolved solids: 380,13 mg/l
pH level: 7,6
Nitrate level: < 0,44

Voda Naturalna has been appreciated by Finewaters.com – a renowned international authority on premium water, receiving a Superior rating in water virginality.





Your daily beauty ritual...

Voda Collagen is a choice for those who desire to naturally preserve their youth and beauty. Captured in frosted glass, the unique duo of pure Voda Naturalna and precious Collagen molecules is additionally enriched with Vitamin C and a subtle hint of pomegranate.

Voda Collagen is a source of youth within your reach.


Voda Collagen is the unique duo of pure Voda Naturalna and precious Collagen molecules, enriched with Vitamin C and subtle hint of pomenagrate.


Voda Naturalna
Voda Collagen owes its natural purity to Voda Naturalna. Thanks to its exceptional clarity and ideal composition of natural mineral elements, Voda Naturalna not only nourishes and purifies, but also helps to maintain one's inner equilibrium.

The secret of Voda Collagen lies in its precious Collagen molecules. Due to their power of regeneration, collagen is often called "the elixir of youth". It is said that it helps to preserve beauty and that it minimizes signs of ageing, giving the skin and nails a healthy and youthful appearance. Collagen is commonly known as one of the key ingredients of anti-ageing skin care products, yet recently its liquid form of consumption is becoming increasingly popular. Ingested orally, rather than absorbed through the skin, it enables the inner absorption of the molecules that allows free penetration of collagen to the tissues.
*Each 350ml of Voda Collagen, contains 2 g of dissolved Collagen

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an essential co-factor used in the synthesis of collagen. It not only gives Voda Collagen a unique, slightly sour taste, but most of all provides a suitable environment for the absorption of Collagen. Additionally, as one of the safest and most effective nutrients it gives an extra energy boost that you need to stay vibrant and fit.


Collagen revealed


Collagen is derived from the Greek words colla (glue) and genno (give birth, generate). This reflects the function of Collagen as a protein, which bonds the elements of the cell, making possible the formation of individual tissues and organ cells.

It makes up around 30% of the protein in the human body. The amino acid composition of Collagen is atypical for proteins, particularly with respect to its high hydroxyproline content. With very high tensile strength, Collagen is the foundation of not only tendons, bones and joints, but also the skin, nails and even blood and lymph vessels.

Just like synthesis, Collagen degradation is an on-going, natural process in our body. However, due to ageing, Collagen degeneration becomes increasingly prevalent. As the body is producing insufficient amounts of Collagen, its depletion progresses. This causes saggy, wrinkled skin, joint diseases, etc. Therefore it is very important to help the body's natural processes and ensure the replenishment of protein to help counteract the effects of their deficiency.